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Intake24 is an open-source self-completed computerised dietary recall system based on multiple-pass 24-hour recall. The online system offers similar data quality to interviewer-led recalls at a significantly lower cost.

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What is dietary recall?

A dietary recall is a method of dietary assessment based on a face-to-face interview conducted by specifically trained personnel. During the interview, an individual is asked to recall their food and beverage consumption during the previous day.

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System features

Online 24-hour dietary recall. Under 20 minutes average completion time. High tolerance to spelling mistakes. Accurate image-based portion size estimation. Automated coding to nutrient data. Instant availability of nutrient reports.

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Food database

Over 2800 foods with carefully selected automated portion size estimation methods. More than 2500 portion size images which have been extensively validated in a feeding study and against 4-day weighed diaries.

System output

Data are output in spreadsheet format for easy manipulation and analysis. Nutrient intake can be output as soon as the participant has finished entering their data. Data output includes food groups, energy, macro- and micronutrients.

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Newcastle University conducted a comparison of Intake24 with interviewer-led recalls was conducted in 180 people. Intake24 was found to under-estimate energy intake by just 1% on average. Mean intakes of all macronutrients and micronutrients (except non-milk extrinsic sugars) were within 4% of the interviewer-led recall.

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Intake24 source code is available under the terms of the Apache License. The food database, including food definitions, portion size photographs and nutrient data is available under the terms of the Open Government License.

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Local adaptations

Intake24 offers full support for localisation and internationalisation of both the user interface and the food database.

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Studies and research papers published by the Intake24 team.

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Participant feedback

Feedback from participants in the field test of Intake24 in those aged 11+ years (up to and including older adults).

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Contact us

If you have any questions or if you would like to use Intake24 to run a survey please contact us using the following e-mail. If you are a research participant, please tell us the name of the study when you get in touch.